Learn Ruby on Rails 3.2

Big Fat Rails is a book designed around teaching Ruby on Rails in a precept upon precept fashion. Learning a little at a time and building in complexity as the book moves forward. Both theory and practice driving your knowledge.

If you are a beginner and looking to learn Ruby on Rails, the purpose of this book is to simply get you there in small, manageable steps.

This book is available in many formats including online, PDF, Epub, and Mobi. These versions are automatically generated and versioned from the latest manuscript. If you experience any issues please let me know.

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Quick Introduction

Build an app from start to finish. What will be learned...

  • Ruby on Rails 3.2
  • Rails Asset Pipeline
  • Git basics and workflow
  • MVC - Model/View/Controller
  • How the HTTP protocol works
  • ... and more
  • TDD/BDD w/ RSpec and Cucumber
  • Build Your Own Authentication
  • Active Record
  • Database Migrations
  • Application Deployment

Why Another Book On Rails?

There are many resources out there for learning Rails. I've used many myself. The reason to add one more to an already long list may seem needless at best and stupid at worst. The driving factor is simply this: The more resources available to the beginner the better chance they have to become proficient at the subject.

When I'm learning something new I always find several resources to learn from. Often buying many books on the subject. Each resource provides a different point of view, teaching method, or simply a format which I learn better from. It is my intention to provide another resource that may help others better understand everything available to them.

The following is a list of other resources you may find helpful in learning Ruby on Rails:


My name is Mitch Guthrie. I'm a full time web developer. My blog can be found at Mentalbrew and you can follow me on Twitter @mentalbrew.


The chicken and egg logo are from the artwork titled Paradox by Carlos Navas. Used with permission. The music for the screencasts is Slumlord by Lo Tag Blanco and licensed under Creative Commons.